Postcards from Paradise America

by Crookshanks

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released September 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Crookshanks Parma, Ohio

Pop Punk from Parma, OH

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Track Name: All the Way from Moron Mountain
Overreacting but I can't help
The way things are going lately
And how everyone's leaving but me
I've picked up complaining as a regular hobby

But I can't stand
The way this town
Makes me feel like I just gotta get out
I've been dragging my feet
Over wet concrete for years now,
Ended up stuck in the ground

Always knew that this fucking day would come

And I'm done with all those remarks I hear you make,
About my time and how it's all going to waste
All I know you want at the end of the day.
Is for me to try to (GET MY LIFE STRAIGHT)
Tell me how do you have a say
When it's my life to live in the first place

Always knew
That this day would come
(When the decision to stay to or run)
Would be the only thing I was ever thinking of


That this fucking day would come
When the decision to stay or to run
Would be the only thing that I was ever thinking of.
Track Name: Merit Roll
I'm writing to an old address, a letter I probably won't even send
They're just thoughts stuck in my head, I can't get out
I'm writing them down in pen

So to all of my old friends
Who I might now see again, just know
I don't know what happened, I fucked things up
You'll see it time and time again

And it seems to me
That I can't compete with gravity,
As it brings me back down,
To my knees,
When you turn your back on me

But this defeat
Is only reminding me that life,
Is never what, you planned it out to be
I tried to give it my all, but receive nothing

And I've been building up strength,
To break this to you in the only way that
But i'd rather just go home

And I've been starting to question the way
That you look at me,
Like I'm not who you thought I'd turn out to be
I was the icing on your cake, and made it taste so bitter-sweet

I'm not waiting for change I need this now
Been holding myself back and I want out
I know I messed things up, i know I let you down
But I've been trying to turn that all around

And this is me
Breaking free from
Everything you thought I'd be

(Everything you thought that I would be)
I'm not running from something or living for nothing
I've got a lot on my mind to think about
I know I messed things up, I know i let you down

I'm not running from something, or living for nothing,
I've been trying to figure this life out
Track Name: Luelda
Theres nothing left, waiting for you
You know it's the truth, just pick up and leave
And I guess
It's that voice inside your head,
telling you its not as simple as it seems

Still haven't made a dent,
in this fucked up mess of a world that I've been living in
You've got a long to go man,
You're a long way from home man
And that voice inside of my head
that's been telling me to stay strong
and to try my best
must have suffered a dent
cuz i don't know where it went
and my chances of leaving this place
have been wearing thin

and I woke up with this feeling today
that things are never gonna change
and i'm just hoping that it's something i can shake

Is this what you wanted?
Time to be responsible for what you've started

And I start to wonder why
I always toss and turn at night
and I guess, there's just too much, things
that are alway on my mind

is this what you wanted
time to be responsible for what you've started
I hope you feel accomplished
Track Name: Well Said
Steadily losing my youth
I can feel it in the way I speak
I can't even hear my voice anymore
And everything just sounds like noise to me

And I'm just trying to find time
between keeping sane and losing my mind

It comes as no suprise,
I'm just someone that you don't like
And I've been trying way to hard
to try to see eye to eye

Cuz in the end,
I'm still the same old kid,
with a lot less friends and
a whole mess of events that I've been dieing to forget

The world is pushing me down on my bed,
now I'm hitting the floor face first
when I was just trying to find a place to lay my head

And honestly I'm starting to view this all as just one tattered page
in a book written on catastrophe
what happening I'm steadily
Steadily losing it

And i'm just trying to find time between keeping sane and losing my mind

Before you go, just stop just wait
been trying to find a way to compensate
for all these long lost years of tragedy
been hoping that some day I'll feel the same
but I guess that I've been steadily
losing it.
Track Name: Postcards from Paradise America (title track)
I think about the way
you realize life is nothing but a game
but it's a bit to late to try to teach yourself just how to play

And I burnt down the house that I built in your name,
Just for the warmth of all the flames
Hope the smoke will fog up, my memory

Stop asking me, what's been happening
I already know it now
It's nothing new to me

And I've been trying the best I can
to try to deal with this without lending out my hand
but it's like I'm getting out of the fire
and into the frying pan

I've had this pain in my ear for the past three weeks
Sometimes I sit and I wish I couldn't hear a thing
Say what you want, I swear,
I'm not listening

I'm not listening

Still not listening